Executive Summary

Karpine Technologies Pvt Ltd is founded in Dec 2020. During the second wave of Covid, several deaths were seen in India due to fake Remdesivr injections. Counterfeit's are a $461B problem worldwide across sectors. Blockchain till date have been associated with crypto currencies and defi. Karpine started with an idea to take blockchain beyond Crypto Currencies to solve real life problems like the counterfeits.

Karpine provides Web 3.0 track and trace solutions for supplychain using blockchain and IOT to create a digital inventory by creating a digital twin for each and every physical product on the blockchain.

To further enhance the governance of the organization, we are building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with various mix of Supply Chain, Finance, Technology professionals by an airdrop of KRP tokens with voting rights. The DAO will provide equitable access to all SME's for working capital funding.

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